What I'm Fighting For:


Supporting Our Schools and Our Families

Our schools do not receive the money they deserve from Harrisburg. I will not stop pushing for our school districts to receive the full and fair funding they need to help children and their families be successful.  

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Taking on the Harrisburg Establishment

Too many politicians in Harrisburg will do anything to stay in power. They rig the maps for our voting districts and take advantage of weak campaign finance laws to rake in dark money, all the while neglecting the needs of real hardworking people. I'll fight for campaign finance reform, a gift ban for legislators, and an independent citizens commission to ensure integrity in our redistricting process. 

Tax Relief for You and Holding Big Corporations Accountable

While property owners in our district face sky-high tax bills, Republicans in the state government refuse to make Big Gas Companies pull their own weight in paying taxes. We need to get our priorities straight and start putting hard-working citizens – not out-of-state energy companies -- first.

Freedom from Gun Violence

We must speak out for the innocent people whose lives have been lost to gun violence and for the families ripped apart by tragedy. We need not just universal background checks, but bans on bump stocks, high-capacity magazines, and assault weapons. People convicted of felonies who have committed domestic violence or who suffer from severe mental illness should not be able to get a gun. I promise to only represent you and your loved ones and never the N.R.A. at your expense.

Workers - Fighting for Labor, Fighting for Unions

Workers and their right to collectively bargain are constantly under assault from Republican politicians trying to appease their campaign donors.  I'm disgusted by the non-stop attacks on labor in Harrisburg. Labor is the economic backbone of Delaware County, and I will fight to make our unions stronger. 

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Protect the Environment for Our Children

Pennsylvania should be a leader in conservation and environmental protection.  I'll work to create more green space in Havertown, Drexel Hill, Clifton Heights, and Aldan, and I'll strengthen our Department of Environmental Protection.  Our children deserve nothing less.

 Seek Solutions to Opioid Crisis

The drug enforcement policies of the past have failed. We cannot jail our way out of this epidemic. Instead, we must look to a range of solutions. We need better oversight and stiffer penalties for huge drug companies pushing millions of pills to a few bad doctors. We need available and affordable treatment for those working to get their lives back. And we need to find safer drugs and ways of prescribing medication for people who need relief from chronic and crippling pain. 

Justice for All

The law should protect every Pennsylvanian --- and every American -- from discrimination, regardless of their gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation. Trump and the Republicans have undermined this core American value. We cannot stand by and let that happen. We need to stand tall, speak loudly, and fiercely defend this core value that rang out from Philadelphia almost 250 years ago – that all of us are created equal.