Happy Labor Day!

The rights of working people to live in dignity, to collectively bargain, and to be treated equally under the law is absolutely paramount. We at Team Zabel wish everyone a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

There is so much to fight for in Harrisburg when it comes to the rights of working people and families.

In almost all the counties of this Commonwealth, it is still legal to fire someone from a job because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity. When we not only focus on hateful ideology, but ignore the talents and contributions of our neighbors, we all lose.

Pennsylvania has the lowest minimum wage of any state in the Northeast region, and we should and can be a leading state on this issue. 

Too many women, people of color, LGBTQ people, and other under-empowered groups are discriminated against and harassed in the workplace, whether it is through harassment, retaliation, or through pay inequity. In Harrisburg, we can fight to change this, and together, we will.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about the dignity of labor, and it is something we should never forget or abandon, this weekend or any other day of the year. He made this speech during the Memphis Sanitation Strike as a leader of a movement that still goes on to this day. Workers rose up out of anger and necessity because of unsafe working conditions and the deaths of two of their coworkers inside garbage compactors. Their names were Echol Cole and Robert Walker.

We have so much work to do, so much we've accomplished, and each other to be thankful for.

Friends of Mike Zabel